3 Signs That Tell You Your Vehicle Isn’t Aligned

A vehicle that isn’t aligned properly spells trouble for your wheels, tires, and suspension system. Any number of things can knock your car, truck, or SUV out of alignment, including curbs, speed bumps, and road debris. If you have your tires rotated and balanced regularly, ask the technician to test your alignment, too. If you notice any of the following three signs between tire rotations, bring your vehicle into Green Garage European Auto Centre to have it realigned.

Vehicle Pulls to Either Side

You should never have to fight your automobile to keep it headed straight on the road unless you’re driving on a road that has a serious slope. Suspension systems are designed to go straight. They won’t head right or left unless you steer them to. A misaligned vehicle will pull to either the right side or the left side. You may not notice the pull at first, because it will be subtle and you’ll subconsciously correct the automobile’s direction. If your vehicle pulls to either side, the wheels are not aligned.

Rapid and/or Uneven Tire Tread Wear

A vehicle that isn’t aligned correctly will also wear the tire tread down unevenly. In addition, the tire tread may not reach its guaranteed mileage lifespan. You can check to see if your tire tread is wearing down evenly or unevenly by simply looking at your tires. If you notice circles, feathers, or scallops of tire tread wear, the wheels may not be aligned properly. Other causes of uneven, premature tire tread wear include over or underinflated tires, unbalanced tires, and failure to rotate the tires.

Crooked Steering Wheel Logo

Finally, your steering system is part of your vehicle’s suspension system and, as you know, you use the steering wheel to direct your vehicle to go in a direction other than straight. When your wheels are pointed straight, your steering wheel should also be straight. You can tell whether your steering wheel is straight by the logo in the center. It should be upright when you’re driving in a forward, straight motion. If it’s tilted to either side, your steering wheel is crooked and so is your wheel alignment.

Bring your car, truck, or SUV into Green Garage European Auto Centre in Winter Park, FL, if you notice any of the above symptoms. Call us at 407-993-2180 to set up an appointment. We’ll check your wheel alignment and correct it if necessary, so call us today.