All You Need to Know About the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

You see them buzzing all around Winter Park, FL; tiny vans bringing you goodies from your latest online shopping spree. These are likely Sprinter vans, manufactured by Daimler AG and sold under the Mercedes-Benz name in the U.S. Local European automotive specialists Green Garage European Auto Centre services and repairs Sprinter vans. Here is everything you need to know about them.

Not Just Vans

Sprinters aren’t just vans. Daimler AG, located in Stuttgart, Germany, also manufactures chassis cabs, pickup trucks, and minibuses under the Sprinter name. These automobiles are classified as light commercial vehicles, meaning most people don’t need a special driver’s license to operate one depending on the size of the Sprinter van and how they plan to use it.

Sprinter Start

The Sprinter van found its start in Europe in 1995 and drivers were so impressed with the van that it was awarded the International Van of the Year for its introductory year. It has been sold under other automotive manufacturers, including Dodge, Freightliner, and Volkswagen. Today’s Sprinter is sold by Mercedes-Bens in the U.S. but it’s built from Freightliner complete knockdown kits.

Sprinter in the United States

Sprinter wasn’t introduced in the United States until 2001. At that time, it was sold under the Freightliner brand in the U.S., and under the Mercedes-Benz brand in Canada. In 2003, all Sprinter vans sold in the U.S. and Canada were sold by Dodge; Mexico did not have access to Sprinter vans at that time. DaimlerChrysler Vans, LLC, based in Huntersville, NC, spearheaded the Sprinter van movement.

From its introduction in the States to 2006, Sprinter was manufactured in Germany, disassembled in part for shipment to the U.S., and then reassembled in the States. Reassembly took place in two places, a factory in Gaffney, SC, and in Ladson, SC, at the American LaFrance factory. Sprinters really took off in the States in September 2018 thanks to Amazon. They purchased 20,000 Sprinters for their deliveries.

Sprinter Automotive Service

Because these automobiles continue to be manufactured in Germany, it is often hard to find automotive service for them in the States. One must take the vans to an automotive service shop that specializes in European commercial vehicles. These vehicles require the same specialized care European passenger vehicles require; care by technicians experienced in European automotive manufacturing.

Green Garage European Auto Centre in Winter Park, FL, is one such automotive service shop. Call us at 407-993-2180 to discuss your Sprinter van automotive service needs.

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