• MINI Faulty Fuel Gauge

    How to Deal With a Faulty Fuel Gauge in Your Mini From the Experts in Winter Park

    Posted on August 24, 2019

    Mini Coopers are great imported automobiles. They offer the best in drivability and economy while still offering the unique experience that European cars provide. Even though the Mini is well known for its durability, it is still subject to exhibit …

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  • MINI Automatic Transmission

    Reasons Behind Automatic Transmission Failure in Minis

    Posted on May 16, 2019

    The Mini Cooper provides superior performance and cutting-edge handling, maneuverability and steering. It’s important to follow your maintenance plan so that you can continue to enjoy your ride with no problems.

    Just like all vehicles, they are not without their …

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  • MINI Acceleration Stumbling

    Signs of Acceleration Stumbling in Your Mini

    Posted on October 8, 2018

    With their cute, compact style, Minis have an almost cult-level following. From the beginning, they have attracted teens, families, Anglophiles—everyone under the Sun can see the appeal of the compact, quirky cars. Made in England, they have a certain British …

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  • MINI Front Radiator Support

    How to Deal with a Front Radiator Support Damage in Mini

    Posted on July 6, 2018

    If you have the privilege of driving a Mini Cooper, then you know how deserving they are of exceptional care. A shop that specializes in German engineering—especially when it comes to bodywork and rebuilding—should handle any issues that arise …

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