Common Air Suspension Problems in Land Rovers

The Land Rover is a symbol of utility and strength. The design implies a sense of ruggedness and adventure, while also conveying a sense of comfort and luxury. The Land Rover has been used all over the world and has been used by celebrities throughout the years. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip rode in a Land Rover Defender in 1977 during a parade. The character James Bond has also driven a Land Rover. This car conveys style, but is utilitarian and will get you to the places you need to go.

During the 50’s Land Rover provided university students with their vehicles to use while racing across the world. These expeditions were races that went from England all the way to Cape Town, South Africa and back. There was even a race from London all the way to Singapore. This adventure was so popular and exciting that it was even broadcast by BBC.

The Land Rover is an extremely durable vehicle that can travel miles and miles across the world, and with proper maintenance it will be able to perform well and run smoothly. Yet, even with excellent service and care, the Land Rover may experience problems every now and again. With it’s off-roading capabilities, it is important to note that a common Land Rover issue is with the air suspension.

Air Suspension Issues in the Land Rover

The Land Rover is known for its reliability and ruggedness, but every design has its weak points. The air suspension was designed to improve the overall ride of the popular car. When first purchased, the car has a smooth ride and quality air suspension, but over time customers have noticed that the suspension begins to sag. This is a problem for the ride of the car, making it important to look into immediately if you notice a problem.

The design of the air suspension in the Land Rover is impressive. The suspension is controlled electronically and allows the driver to make adjustments. The way the suspension is able to adjust is by a compressor connected to each individual air strut. The air suspension really does make for a smoother and better ride. Over time, the parts begin to wear down and since the suspension is electronically controlled, it adds a layer of complexity when it comes to repairing.

Symptoms of Air Suspension Problems

Most air suspension issues manifest as a small air leak in the lines of the air struts. When the leak begins it causes the compressor to continuously add more air to the system. The longer the problem persists, the more likely it is that you will notice your suspension is sagging on the side that has the leak. If not fixed soon, your compressor may fail.

Since the compressor constantly has to compensate for the leak, it will get to the point where it wears out. When the compressor starts to wear out, the sound will get increasingly louder or it will seize. If the compressor no longer is functioning properly, it will not be able to provide air to the struts. This means that it will not be able to adjust and the strut that does have the leak will continue to sag.

How to Fix Broken Air Suspension

Depending on how long the problem persists it may be a simple fix of replacing the air struts. However, if the problem goes on for too long and the compressor fails, you will need to replace the entire compressor in addition to the air struts. This process can get expensive and invasive to your vehicle since the system is electronically based.

How We Can Help

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