How to Deal With a Faulty Fuel Gauge in Your Mini From the Experts in Winter Park

Mini Coopers are great imported automobiles. They offer the best in drivability and economy while still offering the unique experience that European cars provide. Even though the Mini is well known for its durability, it is still subject to exhibit certain problems that have been known to recur throughout their whole line. One of these problems is a faulty fuel gauge. A faulty fuel gauge can affect more in the car than the driver’s ability to ration their gasoline. Once you learn all the ways a faulty fuel gauge can affect your Mini Cooper, you will be wary of letting such seemingly small inconveniences slip and become major problems. We will discuss how this occurs and where to go for repairs.

What causes faulty fuel gauges?

There can be a number of reasons why a fuel gauge can become faulty. The first thing that a mechanic will check for concerning a faulty fuel gauge is the gauge voltage. The needle in the gauge cannot move without any power being fed to it. This will need diagnostic testing and repair at a shop.

Another common reason for faulty fuel gauges is damaged wiring. If the voltage going into the gauge is low, faulty wiring is usually the cause. Wiring can become damaged due to a multitude of reasons, from general wear and tear, to drastically changing temperatures, to animals getting under your hood and chewing on them. Regardless of why it happens, damaged wiring is usually a prime suspect of a fuel gauge gone bad. The wiring and voltage could be working properly, but if you have a blown fuse, your fuel gauge won’t work properly. In the case of a blown fuse, Mini owners can easily swap it out for a new one, or have a trusted mechanic replace it at a shop.

A broken fuel sending unit can also be at fault. Fuel sending units are fairly self-explanatory. They send information pertaining to the level of fuel in the tank to the gauge as a visual indication. If the fuel sending unit is malfunctioning, this would have to be diagnosed and repaired by a mechanic.

How do I know my fuel gauge is faulty?

Generally speaking, it will not take much time or focus to realize that your fuel gauge is malfunctioning. Your gauge will usually exhibit one of two symptoms. It will either become stuck in place, which will take some observation over a few hours to diagnose, or it will simply fall to the empty side of the gauge and remain there, despite filling the tank up with gas. Either way, your fuel gauge reading will be inconsistent. You will have no way of knowing exactly how much gas you have left in the tank. Needless to say, this is a problem that requires immediate rectification. You cannot afford to play guessing games with the amount of fuel remaining in your tank. Putting this off will likely get you stranded somewhere when your Mini Cooper runs out of gas. This will only result in more time and money wasted than just taking your car in to a reliable repair shop that can diagnose the problem and have you on your way with minimal stress.

Bring Your Mini into Green Garage European Auto Centre

Now that you know the different ways in which a fuel gauge can fail, you also need to know what to do when you need fuel gauge repairs. Even in the simplest case, a broken fuel gauge will require a trip to a qualified repair shop that specializes in Mini Coopers.

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