How to Deal With a Self-Leveling Suspension Failure in Jaguar

Jaguar is one of the leading luxury vehicles on the market today. They have a smooth ride, quiet cabin and are just all-around comfortable. People will pay top dollar for the comfort of Jaguar, and rightfully so, due to all the components that go into making Jaguar a luxury vehicle.

Maintenance is key in keeping your Jaguar running and riding smoothly. Self leveling suspension is one of the many reasons people love Jaguar. Below are some of the signs and symptoms of self-levelling suspension failure you can keep an eye out for.

What is Self-Leveling Suspension?

A vehicle’s suspension is designed to to keep the vehicle off the ground and absorb the shock of bumps and other flaws in the road surface. Self-leveling suspension in a Jaguar is designed to automatically adjust the height of the vehicle depending on load weight. It will detect heavier rear loads and level out the vehicle by adjusting the height accordingly. This is a very intricate system and it is important to maintain it to reduce the likelihood of failure or malfunction. Let’s look at a few things to do if you have suspension failure in your Jaguar.

What to do if You Have SLS Failure

The suspension is obviously integral to how the car works, making it important to keep it in good condition. So what can you do if you have SLS failure?

Consult with a Professional

You should always consult with a Jaguar professional if you have mechanical failure in your vehicle. It could be costly to try to deal with a problem yourself, especially if you are not trained in automotive repair. If you find yourself dealing with SLS failure, you need to see the pros at Green Garage European Auto Centre in Winter Park, Florida.

Do Not Drive Your Vehicle

Should you realize you might have SLS failure, it is not recommended to continue driving your vehicle. Doing so could cause significant damage to the suspension, undercarriage and axles on your vehicle. Without SLS your vehicle cannot adjust for different load weights, which means that your vehicle could be riding too low to the ground.

Other Systems Affected by SLS Failure

There are other mechanical systems in your Jaguar that could possibly be affected by the failure of the SLS system. You could have lowered braking power under heavier loads, meaning that your vehicle won’t stop a quickly if at all with a heavier than normal load. You may also experience less effective shock absorption in your vehicle, as a result of the vehicle riding too low to the ground or wheels. This ultimately will affect the quality and safety of your driving and ride.

Preventing SLS Failure

You can’t always prevent SLS failure, but you can help lessen the chances of it with several steps. You can do frequent inspections of the visible components. You can also check fluid levels for your suspension system. These are things that are generally easy for the vehicle owner to do if they trained in the mechanics, although if you are more comfortable you can have a professional do these things for you as well.

Routine maintenance can also be performed in order to keep it in top running condition. Your Jaguar most likely has a maintenance schedule for you to follow. Following this schedule will not only ensure that your vehicle is getting the attention it needs it will also ensure that should anything go wrong during your warranty period it will be covered. These schedules are designed to prevent unexpected breakdowns, but again it is a mechanical system that can fail without warning.

In the End

When it is all said and done, you have paid the price to have a quality and comfortable ride; after all, that’s why you purchased a Jaguar. In order to reduce the possibility of the one of the most important systems providing that comfort failing you should have regular maintenance performed. Green Garage European Auto Centre is the place to go. Your Jaguar will thank you for giving it the best chance at optimal performance.

If you live in the Orlando or Winter Park, Florida area, Green Garage European Auto Centre is the place to go for all your service needs. We’re happy to do a thorough diagnostic and get the work done right to get you back on the road quickly.

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