How to Deal With Coolant Leaks in Jaguars

The Jaguar brand is known for its extremely high standards of performance and top of the range engineering. These are some of the reasons why owners of vehicles under this brand name go for them in the first place. As a result of the quality of these cars, any problem that develops that impedes the performance of any part of the car will automatically interfere with the overall perception of the car as well. One such problem that has been experienced by many Jaguar drivers has to do with coolant leaks.

The engine of car can get very hot as it runs, and the coolant is responsible for regulating the high temperatures in the engine. By reducing the temperature in the engine, the coolant prevents the different parts of the engine from getting damaged.

Causes of Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can be as a result of a number of reasons. They include:

Corroded hoses

The coolant is passed around the engine through pipes for it to take heat away from the combustion chamber efficiently. These hoses are continuously exposed to very high temperatures which can easily compromise their integrity over time. External temperatures can also contribute to faults developing in these hoses.

Faults in the radiator

It is within the radiator that hot liquids are passed through a number pipes to cool down. This process happens under very high pressure that can cause wear and tear in the radiator cap. Expansion and contraction of this cap can also alter the fit of it, which will cause the coolant to start leaking. In addition, the pipes in the radiator are also prime culprits of degradation. This causes them to develop cracks or the rubber material becomes brittle and breaks.

Faulty head gasket

The head gasket acts as a protective seal that keeps the engine oil and the coolant from mixing, as this would cause contamination in the fuel combustion chamber. The head gasket becomes affected by the different extreme temperatures that it is constantly exposed to. This exposure compromises the material of the head gasket, causing cracks to start and thereafter leaks develop.

Effects of Coolant Leaks

Considering the importance of keeping the temperature in the engine within the acceptable range, the coolant levels in your car should be carefully managed. This is because when the coolant leaks out of your Jaguar, it can have drastic effects on the engine. One of the obvious effects of leaking coolant is overheating in the engine. When there is not enough coolant to take heat away from the engine, the heat will rise to a point where the different components in the engine will also be affected and so will their functions. When the engine starts to overheat, the temperature gauge or the check engine light on the dashboard will come on.

Another effect of coolant leaks is that the engine will produce some steam, which will escape from under the hood. This steam is produced as a direct result of the leaking coolant coming in contact with the other extremely hot parts of the engine. The coolant burns with a distinctly sweet smell.

How to Deal With Coolant Leaks

One sure way to deal with coolant leaks in your Jaguar is by keeping a regular maintenance schedule. While the radiator of your car may have been manufactured using superior quality materials, this does not mean that it will not break down at some point in the course of your driving. Regular servicing will enable an auto specialist to spot any issue in the radiator that could cause coolant leaks.

You can also prevent coolant leaks by ensuring that you only get quality replacements for already worn out parts. This will help you avoid situations such as ill-fitting radiator caps that will cause leakage anyway. Additionally, using the correct coolant that has been recommended by the manufacturer will ensure that you avoid corrosive coolants that may degrade the cooling system of your car and cause leaks.

In the event that you have a confirmed coolant leak in your car, your best course of action would be to seek the services of a certified auto mechanic. At Green Garage European Auto, we are well equipped to ensure that you avoid coolant leaks as long as possible. We are located conveniently to Winter Park and Orlando, Fl. Call us today to and we’ll be happy to help.

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