How To Fix Engine Fuel Leaks in Your Land Rover

Land Rovers are hardworking, multi-purpose vehicles with a long and exciting history. From their humble origins in World War II as a utilitarian transport vehicle, to their decades of agricultural and off-road use, to their transformation in the 80’s as a family SUV, Land Rover is able to offer something for everyone when it comes to high quality driving experiences.

However, as Land Rovers are so hardy and long-lasting, many vintage models are still circulating the used car market, and with the ability to go off road and take a beating, dangerous damage can occur. One of the most dangerous examples that car can experience is a fuel leak. In this article, we will take a closer look at this issue as well as how to go about repairs.

Danger, Danger!

Alright, time for some serious talk. If you smell gasoline coming from your engine or inside of your car when driving, you should stop driving immediately, get out of your car, step away, and seek help preferably via roadside assistance or at a nearby service station.

Fuel leaks are the number one case of automobile fires, and driving a car that smells of gasoline for any period of time is very dangerous thing to do. While minor leaks, such as those which leave droplets on the ground, can be fixed at home, the problem is still a very real danger to you due to the possibility of fire and explosion. You should immediately consult an expert and have this issue diagnosed and repaired.

What causes an engine fuel leak?

In general, given enough time, rough driving conditions and poor maintenance are likely to result in an engine fuel leak. Some of the top causes of leaking fuel include:

  • Injector leaks
  • Fuel tank leaks
  • Fuel line leak
  • Faulty canister
  • Missing gas cap

Signs of an Engine Fuel Leak

There are several signs of an engine fuel leak, and these symptoms should definitely not be ignored. These should be investigated in an expedient manner.

1. Gasoline Smell

As previously mentioned, the leading sign of a gasoline leak is a gasoline smell from the engine, or worse, inside your car. The fuel system is a closed system, meaning no fuel should be able to leak out. Therefore, if you’re smelling gas, it is clear that you must have a leak somewhere within the system.

2. Poor Fuel Economy

If your fuel is leaking, then it is almost guaranteed that your Land Rover’s fuel efficiency will suffer. There are other causes for lowered fuel efficiency, but in regards to fuel leaks, your fuel efficiency drops because your fuel is literally leaking from the engine and wasted.

3. Rough Idling

There are many causes of rough idling, but in general, it indicates an issue somewhere in your fuel or engine system, which could be a leak.

4. Fuel Line Vapor/Mist

If your Land Rover has high-pressure fuel injectors, then a leak somewhere in the fuel system can cause high-pressure vapors or mists to occur around the engine or the exhaust. This can signal a disaster waiting to happen and should not be ignored. If they ignite, you and your passengers are in danger.

Experts Only

When it comes to fixing a fuel leak, unless you have mechanical expertise, this type of repair is best left to experts. Your engine is one of the most expensive systems of your Land Rover, and going in blind as a beginning to tinker is really a recipe for disaster. You could end up making the problem worse and more expensive to fix, as well as making your car a complete death trap. Remember, the leading cause of vehicle fires is fuel leaks. No driver wants to risk such a traumatic and potentially life-threatening event for the sake of saving a few dollars. Be smart. Your car is a useful tool and is worth the cost of maintenance and repair. As soon as you suspect a fuel leak, go to a professional for resolution of the problem.

Green Garage European Auto Center

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