How to Maintain a Idler Pulley from the Best Technicians in Winter Park

Owning a vehicle takes a lot of time, consideration, and attention. You have to keep up with monthly services in order for it to maintain its effectiveness. This is especially important when dealing with potentially dangerous engine issues. When your engine is in bad condition, it not only impacts the way your vehicle performs, it also ruins your wallet. Should you allow engine issues to compile, it could result in possible engine failure over time.

Because of this, paying attention to slight changes in your engine could save you thousands in possible repairs and replacement costs. One change that could harm your engine is a problem with the idler pulley. Let’s take a look at this part, discuss what it does, and advise you where to go for proper repairs.

What is an idler pulley?

In order for your vehicle to operate properly, every piece from the engine to the wheels must work together to create a flawless function. While some parts are more important than others, they each play a vital role in keeping your car in strong and in excellent condition. One of those key parts that make your vehicle run has to do with the idler pulley.

The idler pulley acts as a connecting bridge between important parts of your engine such as the air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, alternator, and water pump.

In order for these pieces to produce and convert energy sent to the engine, the idler pulley must be in excellent working condition. If not, this could result in a domino effect of problems ranging from interior leaks to possible engine failure.

What role does the idler pulley play in your vehicle?

The idler pulley is set atop a mount and specifically works to create a smooth transition from key parts to the engine belt. This helps to prevent rough transitions, idling, and even slipping. By keeping everything in place, your engine is able to effectively run and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

Signs You are Experiencing Idler Pulley Issues

There are several signs that could indicate your idler pulley is in bad condition. Let’s consider a few:

Odd Noises: If you hear squealing or screeching noises from your car when starting it up, this may be a clear indication of idler pulley issues. This could be due to blockages or even a miscommunication between the idler pulley and other parts of the vehicle.

Wear and Tear: In order to diagnose this issue, you have to physically open the hood of your car and assess the condition of your idler pulley. If this piece has signs of wear and tear, it may be wise to take it to a professional for an overall replacement.

A Pulley That Won’t Move: Often times, if your idler pulley is damaged or in bad condition, it may have to do with a frozen piece. The best way you can check to see if your pulley is stuck is to see if it rotates when prompted. If it gets stuck and doesn’t move in a smooth manner, that’s a clear indication that your piece is frozen and in need of a replacement.

Improper Route: One of the best ways to check this issue is to run your engine on idle. Pay attention to where your idler pulley is going. If it is moving at a slower speed, this may be a clear indication of a problem. Your belt should move at a steady speed, especially when it’s idle. Therefore, if it’s operating at an improper speed, schedule an appointment with your mechanic immediately.

Why You Should Take Your Vehicle To A Professional

When dealing with issues revolving your engine, it’s especially important to take it to a trustworthy mechanic. Online forums and self-help guides are useful for small problems. However, they don’t replace the hand of a professional, especially if it concerns issues with your engine. You would hate to accidentally ruin your engine because of a simple rookie mistake.

We Will Help

The automotive experts of Green Garage European Auto Centre proudly service vehicles of all varieties in the Winter Park and Orlando, FL areas. We have the tools and expertise needed to properly diagnose your vehicle and get it back and running smoothly. If you’re facing issues with your idler pulley, bring your car by today. You’ll never have to worry about being pressured to buy additional parts or services. We’ll go above and beyond to be here for you.