Land Rover Routine Service

Routine Service

  • Basic oil service (Includes Amsoil synthetic (most models))
  • Climate control system deodorize
  • Replace cabin filter
  • Rotate 4 wheels check wear and pressures
  • Electronic wheel balance (includes tire rotation)
  • Fuel injection flush and service
  • Replace battery (most models)
  • Replace air filter – remove the following: 2007 and newer, add $10
  • 2006 model year or newer (perform every 3 years or 45,000 miles)
  • 2005 Model Year or Older (perform every 2 years or 30,000 miles)
  • 2002 model year & older and Discovery up to 2004 (perform every 30,000 and 90,000 miles)
  • A/C performance service & system check (freon additional if needed)
  • Replace air filter
    2007 and newer, add $10
  • Battery service and charging system check
  • Pull codes (read codes only)
  • Basic diagnosis
  • Electrical or performance diagnosis

*All services include Amsoil high performance lubricants.

Brake Service

  • Brake fluid flush
  • Replace front brake pads and sensors (rotors additional)
    (most models)
  • Replace rear brake pads and sensors (rotors additional)
    (most models)


  • Exterior detail: Includes hand wash, exterior wax, clean windows inside and out, dress wheel wells, tires and moldings
  • Interior detail: Wash, vacuum interior & trunk, shampoo, carpet and mats, clean dash, headline and door panels
  • Full detail: Includes both interior and exterior packages