Reasons Behind Vacuum Door Lock Failure in Mercedes Benz

Luxury cars are a dream to everyone, whether it is a Mercedes Benz or another make of luxury car, everyone dreams of owning one. They do require a very specific kind of maintenance, however, so it is important to find a garage with experience in European vehicles if you decide to purchase a Mercedes Benz. One of the problems you might encounter is a vacuum door lock failure. Below, you can learn what the vacuum door lock is and what to do if you suspect your car is having issues with it.

What is Vacuum Door Lock

The vacuum door lock feature is a system that was patented and designed by Mercedes Benz. It is a locking system that is vacuum-based and uses pressure to lock all doors at the same time. It has been used as an anti-theft device in older model Mercedes.

Because of this, the vacuum door lock system does actually serve two purposes. It gives an easy and simple way to lock all doors at the same time, and it pressurizes the doors to keep them from being pried open or unlocked until the master lock plunger has been released. This system is relatively fail-safe because there are no electrical components to the system. However it is possible to experience mechanical failure with the system. Unfortunately, because of the continual pressure this system is put under, mechanical failure is not uncommon.

Reasons for Vacuum Door Lock Failure

There are many reasons that the vacuum door lock system could fail. There are many components to the system, and as with anything mechanical you can experience mechanical failure. Unfortunately, in this case a mechanical failure may leave your doors unlocked and available for anyone to rummage through your vehicle or even steal it. Here are just a few of the reasons that you may experience failure.

Pump Failure

Beneath the front passenger side of your Mercedes is the vacuum pump. This pump is designed to move the air that controls the vacuum locking system. Failure of this pump will directly affect the ability to lock and unlock the doors. However, it is easily located and diagnosed by Mercedes professionals.

Actuators that Leak

Each door lock in the vehicle operates with an actuator, and when these fail it causes problems locking and unlocking one or more of the doors in the vehicle. Sometimes these actuators can be repaired and other times it is easier to simply replace the actuator.

System Aging

As with anything that ages, you can start experiencing problems as the system ages. There are many components to the system and much of it is made of plastic. When plastic ages it becomes dry, brittle and begins to break down. This means that you could experience problems with the pump failing, the actuators failing and even leaking vacuum lines. When the lines become aged and brittle they can leak the air out and cause issues with the whole locking system as it will not be able to achieve the air pressure it needs to operate properly.

Each one of these components could ultimately fail and cause issues with the locking system of your vehicle. They are all seemingly easy components to repair or replace. There’s no way to really know which part of the system is causing failure without the vehicle undergoing a diagnostic by a skilled service technician.

You will know when any component of the system is going to fail because you will not be able to use the system as it should be used; it might not lock all of the doors when you press the lock button, or you might have trouble unlocking the doors when you return. If you have a leaking actuator, bad vacuum pump, or deteriorating vacuum lines, you will want to have it repaired, as it is just not safe to leave any vehicle unlocked.

In the End

Whether you have a bad vacuum pump, leaking actuators, or anything else that might be malfunctioning, bring your Mercedes to the professionals at Green Garage European Auto Centre in Winter Park, Florida. We can take a look at your vehicle and determine what repairs need to be made so we can get back out on the road enjoying your Mercedes Benz as quickly as possible.