Reasons for a Leaking Sunroof in Your Land Rover

Vehicle maintenance is an essential part of owning a car, so it must be done regularly. This is for the simple reason that car parts suffer from wear and tear after a while and checking on their condition before the wear creates even bigger problems is always a wise choice. Moving parts will often need repairs over time and sunroofs are no different.

While a functioning sunroof can be quite a joy to have all through the year, having a leaky one can cause a number of problems that as a car owner you do not want to have. This is especially true during the winter and in the spring when it is most likely to be wet. A leaking sunroof can cause a lot of damage to the interior of the car, leading to damages that may be quite costly to repair.

Reasons Why Your Land Rover Sunroof May Be Leaking

There are a few reasons for a leak in the sunroof. Some of these include:

Clogged Drains

The sunroof normally has gutters, where rain water is trapped and drained in the tubes found at the corners of the sunroof housing. These tubes then drain this water into plastic tubes within the body of the car and into the ground. These tubes can sometimes let in small pebbles, dust, twigs, or pine needles. Any of these can easily clog the drain, causing the water to pool in the sunroof and drip into the car after a while.

Loose rubber edges

The sunroof has a rubber seal at the end of the glass that is meant to be watertight when the roof is closed. The rubber might become loose as a result of degradation of the material used after some exposure to natural elements, leaving small spaces through which water can find its way right into the car.

Operator error

Some car owners have had issues with opening and closing the sunroof. There are different types of sunroofs; some are manually operated while others use a motor. It is not uncommon to find people who don’t know how to manipulate these sunroof, which can lead to failure to close them up completely.

How to Prevent Your Sunroof From Leaking

There are several actions that as a Land Rover owner that you can take to prevent your car’s sunroof from leaking. Some of these actions are:

Parking in covered areas

Parking in open spaces, under trees for instance, exposes the sunroof to falling leaves and bird droppings. These, as we have already mentioned, can cause the drain tubes to become blocked and the water to pool in the sunroof area before it finds a way to spill into the car. Parking under a roof such as a parking garage would significantly reduce the chances of this happening.

Operating the sunroof as instructed by the manufacturer

To remove operator error from the equation, operating the sunroof as recommended by the owner is advisable. If it says to open and close it you need to hold down a button until the roof does not move any more, then that is exactly what you do instead of pressing and releasing the button in intervals, or worse, forcing it to close manually.

Fixing Your Leaking Sunroof

There are many DIY videos available online that give step by step instructions on how to repair a leaky sunroof. The catch with these instructions is that the drain tubes through which the water is supposed to drain happen to be quite delicate and can easily be damaged if the unclogging process is not done carefully. It goes without saying that damage to these tubes can further compound your problems.

For this reason, it is important to consult a professional Land Rover Mechanic to get this done efficiently and appropriately. At Green Garage European Auto Centre, we have no shortage of experts who have the knowledge, tools and experience that is required to ensure that any leakage in your Land Rover from the sunroof is stopped completely. Owners of European models in and around Winter Park and Orlando, FL have an opportunity to access the best and most dedicated car services and repairs at affordable prices. Stop by or call today so we can take a look at your leaky sunroof as soon as possible!