Things to Know About Accessory Drive Belt Failure in Your Land Rover in Winter Park

Land Rovers are vehicles that are made for luxury and performance. They are made to stand out and have a sleek design both inside and out, with a powerful engine that is useful for both work and play. When you purchase a Land Rover, you know that you are buying a vehicle that is built to last and will be in your possession for many years to come. As your Land Rover begins to age, there is one issue that might become present that has to do with the accessory drive belt. Below, you will find information about what the accessory drive belt is and what signs to look for that will indicate to you that it is failing.

What is the accessory drive belt?

The accessory drive belt goes by many names. The belt is most commonly known as the serpentine belt, but it can also be referred to as an alternator belt, a fan belt, or simply just the drive belt. The accessory belt is a necessary part in your Land Rover’s engine because it is responsible for powering all the accessories it is connected to.

Some of the parts that the accessory drive belt is connected to include the power steering pump, the water pump, the alternator, and the air conditioner compressor. The accessory drive belt is made out of a very strong rubber that can withstand a lot of friction. The rubber can also be oil-resistant. Depending on what your driving habits look like for you in your Land Rover, you may need to have the accessory drive belt maintenance or replaced every 45,000 to 75,000 miles. An exact number can be found in the vehicle manual.

Signs of Accessory Belt Failure

It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of accessory drive belt failure. If the belt fails while you are driving your Land Rover, it will be almost impossible to continue to drive. These signs will let you know when you need to take your Land Rover in for servicing to ensure that the vehicle can continue to run smoothly:


Due to the fact that the accessory drive belt is connected to the cooling system, if there is something wrong with the belt, your Land Rover will overheat. When the accessory belt is fully functioning, your Land Rover will be able to maintain the optimal temperature for the level of expected performance. Overheating can have a negative impact on many parts of your Land Rover’s engine, leading to necessary repair of other components as well.

Power Steering Issues

One of the parts that the accessory drive belt is connected to is the power steering. When the belt is wearing down and beginning to fail, it will affect the functionality of the power steering. The power steering issue will become very noticeable when your Land Rover goes into limp mode. Limp mode is when your vehicle’s computer system identifies an issue that could damage the engine, so it reduces the amount of power. Your vehicle will experience reduced power to certain areas, and one of those areas is the power steering. Without the power steering, it will be difficult and possibly dangerous to drive.

Unusual Noises Coming from the Engine

When the accessory drive belt is failing, you will hear strange noises coming from your engine. This can occur if the belt is loose or slips off the path. The noises will also be present if the belt has tears. Once you hear these noises, you will want to take your Land Rover in for servicing as soon as possible, because a snapped belt can be very costly to replace.

Taking Your Land Rover in for Servicing

When you bought your Land Rover, you expected it to perform at a higher standard for a longer period of time than other run-of-the mill makes and models, and that can only happen if it is taken care of. There may come a time when you notice one of the signs mentioned above, and you will know that it is time to bring your Land Rover in for servicing.

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