Ways to Fix V12 Engine Problems in Your Mercedes in Winter Park

The engine is without a doubt the one of the most important components in a car. This is because the engine is responsible for the running of the car, and as such most of the performance of the car is based on the engine. This is why vehicle manufacturers have continually perfected their engines in an effort to ensure that their customers only get the best performing engines.

Manufacturers of the Mercedes Benz have consistently produced powerful engines and solidified their place as one of the best performing vehicle models over the years. This they have managed to do by continuously improving the designs of their engines and in turn maintain the high performance and agility that their vehicles are extremely famous for. Among the impressive engines that Mercedes models boast of is the V12.

The V12 engine is a much more powerful engine than the standard V4 or V6, as it is able to deliver more power through the 12 cylinders that all create power pulses, effectively reducing any wait time in between strokes. This ensures that the engine has a more efficient power delivery and is therefore a favorite for speed lovers and sport enthusiasts.

The V12 engine is unfortunately not as popular in many vehicles as one would expect of an engine of its caliber. This is first because the engine is expensive to manufacture and maintain, which is why it is only common in top level race cars. Additionally, the V12 engine does require detailed upkeep to help ensure it stays in top shape, or else some problems may arise.

Possible Problems in V12 Engines

Some of the most common problems that these engines are likely to develop include:

Ignition problems

This is a common problem that rarely misses to be mentioned among Mercedes owners. The ignition coil pack in a V12 engine requires replacement every so often because when they fail, power is produced irregularly in the engine causing rough running or misfiring, especially when idling.

Fluid leaks

While the hydraulic fluid may leak in older vehicles that have accumulated more mileage, the active body control system in vehicles that run on these types of engines may leak even without having accumulated high mileage. These leaks are often attributed to the integrity, or lack thereof, of the different smaller bits that play the important role of keeping the hydraulic fluid from getting into the engine and mixing with the fuel. These parts include seals and struts, which can easily break down and trigger leakage. This kind of situation can have devastating effects on the entire performance of the engine, especially if left unchecked.

Problems in the V12 engine will be characterized by symptoms such as excessive vibrations in the engine compartment, unusual noises coming from the engine and the check engine light that comes on on the dashboard.

Ways to Prevent and Handle V12 Engine Problems

Mercedes owners whose cars run on V12 engines understand the value of excellent performance and therefore understand that a problem in the engine can completely affect their driving experience. This is why these drivers invest in taking care of and maintaining their cars. Sticking to a proper servicing schedule will prolong the life of your engine and ensure that the engine stays in near-perfect condition.

Through regular servicing, a qualified mechanic will be able to constantly tune up the engine, change the oil, and monitor the level of hydraulic fluid to ensure that all aspects of the engine are working as they should. In the course of service, it is also easier for the mechanic to identify possible problems from any engine components that may show signs of failure. These components will then be replaced immediately in order to prevent the entire engine from being affected.

In the event that the engine exhibits any symptoms related to engine problems, it is highly recommended that you seek the services of a certified Mercedes technician to inspect and diagnose the problem. This is very important because the quality of the V12 engine requires extremely skilled technicians to ensure that the problem is not further compounded or worse, the engine is not completely damaged.

Here at Green Garage European Auto Center, we have serviced numerous V12 engines for Mercedes Benz owners in Winter Park and Orlando, FL. We are available to help restore your V12 engine in your Benz as soon as you call us and schedule an appointment.

Image by Michael Kauer from Pixabay