When Does Your BMW Require Ignition Module Replacement

BMW has always been known for their impressive performance abilities, so when you own a BMW, you want to keep that performance up to the highest standards. Having a BMW is a great investment for yourself and your family, so taking care of that investment is important.

As the life of your BMW progresses, it is normal to experience some issues. One part that you do have to watch is the ignition module. Although it is not susceptible to failing often, when it does fail you will be quick to notice. This article will help you to understand what the ignition module is and how to recognize when it needs to be replaced.

What is the Ignition Module?

The ignition module is the part that is connected to both the battery and the ignition coils. The ignition module is responsible for controlling the voltage that comes from the battery and distributing it to the rest of the engine. The way that this happens is the ignition module will release the voltage at just the right time to the ignition coils and the spark plugs so the engine can start up and transition into running without stuttering.

In other words, the ignition module is responsible for controlling the current that is flowing from the battery to the rest of the engine. It is in place to ensure that the right amount of voltage is coming from the battery. It has to be just the right amount at the right time. If there is an overload of electrical current flowing from the ignition module to the ignition coils, that could damage the ignition coils. Recognizing the early signs of a failing ignition module can help prevent unnecessary damages.

Symptoms of a Failing Ignition Module

One way to know if the ignition model is failing is if your engine will not start. This is because the ignition module is responsible for activating the ignition coils. Then ignition coils then trigger the spark plugs. Without the activation of spark plugs, your BMW will not start. The ignition module is connected to the battery by wires and fuses, so if one of these is damaged then the ignition module will not be able to properly function. Without properly connected wires and fuses the ignition module will not be able to do what it is supposed to do, so the solution could be as simple as replacing a fuse, or you may need to replace the entire ignition module. Only a skilled service technician will be able to determine the source of the problem.

A second way of knowing that your BMW will require ignition module replacement is when your car begins to act differently in the heat. Heat can put a serious stress on your BMW, and the heat will have the most effect on the ignition module. You will be able to tell that the heat is having a negative effect on your BMW because it will fail to start during hot weather. Another sign that the heat is negatively affecting the ignition module is the car sputtering and struggling as it is attempting to reach its normal operating temperature. The final indication will be that your BMW will have no trouble starting up at cooler temperatures.

Replacing Your Ignition Module

If you have noticed one of these two symptoms, then it is time to take your BMW in to get serviced. At Green Garage, we pride ourselves in taking great care of any European car that comes in, including BMWs. Our technicians have all the certifications necessary for working with BMWs, so you can be sure your vehicle is in the most capable hands.

When you bring in your BMW, we will run a thorough inspection of the ignition module and every part that it is connected to. We will check that the fuses are all connected and that there is nothing wrong with the battery. If we discover that the ignition module needs to be replaced, then we will work quickly to get your vehicle fixed up and back on the road.

We want to keep your BMW up to the quality that you are used to, so although our services are affordable, quality of service is never sacrificed. If you are in the Winter Park or Orlando, FL area, schedule an appointment with our European car specialists. Once you come to Green Garage, the headache of car repairs will disappear.

Image by nastogadka from Pixabay