When Should You Replace the Ignition Module in Your BMW?

Nothing says luxurious and durable quite like the BMW. It is truly a remarkable vehicle.

In addition to being undeniably beautiful, they’re actually quite safe. With the “built to last” technology mixed with its state-of-the-art functions, it’s no wonder consumers flock to this German powerhouse.

As with most vehicles, this one has its fair share of mechanical issues. Most BMW owners know that purchasing one of these beauties is a commitment to consistent maintenance. That doesn’t mean you can just take your car anywhere, though — you must take your BMW to a skilled mechanic who’s familiar with its design.

One of the key issues that BMW drivers experience is with the ignition module. Countless online forums are dedicated to communities of individuals trying to find a solution to this popular problem. Since the ignition is literally the heart of the vehicle, it’s no wonder BMW drivers want to take this challenge head-on.

If you have a BMW and you’re experiencing issues with your ignition module, let’s first consider what role this piece plays in keeping your car driving, and then what signs to look out for that signal possible damage.

What Role Does the Ignition Module Play?

Your engine thrives off of a powerful spark. The ignition module is responsible for setting off that spark through the spark plug, thus triggering the engine to start. By opening and closing the ground circuit, this important piece works to circulate energy throughout the engine and give your car the power it needs to take off. Obviously, without that initial spark, you aren’t going anywhere.

Signs of a Damaged Ignition Module

There are several signs that could indicate your ignition module is damaged. Let’s consider some of the most common problems this piece endures and how you can take action towards finding a solution.

Frequent Overheating

Does your car tend to get so hot you have to pull over and re-fill its coolant? If so, there may be an internal issue with your ignition module. One way to determine that it is truly your ignition module is to perform a subtle test. If your car is overheating, let it remain in idle for exactly 30 minutes. Once the time is up, locate your module and apply a slight pressure. Does your car stall? If so, the issue may be within your ignition module and it may be the primary cause of your overheating.

Frequent Failing

Corroded electronics can cause your car to fail while you are driving. If your car fails without warning, this is a clear indication of how healthy your ignition module is. When the internal wires are damaged beyond repair, this corrosion impacts your ignition specifically. If this is happening with your vehicle, you’ll need to have the ignition immediately replaced so as to avoid further damage.

Another reason why this piece is so important is because sudden failure is dangerous to yourself and those on the road. If your car stops without warning, it could cause a terrible accident.

General Wear and Tear

If you drive your car frequently or if you have an older model, its best to get your ignition module frequently checked to make sure its properly operating. While BMW manufacturers do their best to keep their cars durable, some issues could fall through the cracks, thus causing damage.

In addition, frequent driving has a major impact on how your car operates over time. If you’ve had your BMW for an extended period of time, make sure you keep it services regularly to ensure that everything is operating correctly.

How to Handle This Issue

Keeping your car serviced on a regular basis is the best way to keep your car in great condition. Work with a trusted mechanic to make sure your BMW is well-taken care of.

One of the best ways to handle this issue is to have it replaced by a professional mechanic. Green Garage European Auto Centre is the best option for BMW maintenance if you live near Winter Park or Orlando, FL. We’ll make sure your car is in pristine condition and ready to ride the roads again in no time. You’re in excellent hands when you trust us for your car maintenance.

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