When You Experience Rough Shifting in an Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission is designed to be hassle-free for the driver; it changes gears automatically so that drivers don’t have to engage the clutch themselves and control the gear-shifting process. However, automatic transmissions tend to run into issues that automotive technicians often have a hard time diagnosing and treating properly. One of the ways to accurately diagnose a transmission problem is to pay close attention to the symptoms it’s exhibiting.

When you experience rough shifting in your automatic transmission, it can be alarming and concerning, and rightfully so—many drivers experience shifting issues with their cars prior to a major transmission problem. Transmission problems are difficult to fix, and transmission replacements are one of the most expensive car repairs you’ll run into. In this article we’ll talk about rough shifting in your automatic transmission, including other warning signs to look out for and what you can do next.

What it Means When a Transmission Shifts Roughly

Rough shifting in a transmission can be due to several different causes; however, it is most often the case that transmissions run into issues in cars with higher mileage. Furthermore, forgoing your automotive maintenance tasks, like checking your transmission fluid, can leave your transmission without the proper conditions for optimal performance. This causes parts to wear prematurely and negatively affect other critical components of the transmission. Whether your car is slipping gears, shifting unpredictably, or hesitating to shift gears, transmission trouble can cause your car to become unreliable and unsafe. Getting it to a professional for an immediate inspection cannot only save you money in repairs, but can save you from an accident.

Other Signs that Your Transmission is Having Trouble

Along with rough shifting, there are other specific symptoms that an automatic transmission might express when there are significant underlying issues involved. It’s important to keep an eye out for other symptoms alongside rough shifting so that you can give your automotive specialist something specific to look for.

Transmission Fluid Quality, Level and Leaks

Your transmission fluid is essential to the function of your automatic transmission. In order to keep gears shifting smoothly, the system requires adequate, clean lubrication. If the transmission fluid is compromised with dirt, debris, or dust, it can take a major toll on your transmission. It’s important to monitor the quality and level of the fluid, especially in order to help detect leaks.

Noises While Shifting Gears or in Neutral

Odd, abnormal noises while shifting gears or while your car idles in neutral can indicate that your transmission needs attention. You might experience one or both of these symptoms, but if you hear any concerning noises (in any area of the car) it’s best to follow-up with an inspection shortly after.

Check-Engine Light is on

Your car has a variety of ways of letting you know when there are problems with certain areas of your car, including a built-in alert system in your dashboard. For instance, if your car detects an issue with the transmission, the check-engine light will illuminate letting you know that you need to have it checked out by an automotive technician. When the check-engine light comes on, it is attached to a code that tells the technician where the problem is coming from. With the proper equipment and skill, your automotive specialist will be able to locate the problem in your transmission and follow a diagnostic procedure to isolate the source of the issue.

What You Can Do Next

The transmission experts here at Green Garage European Auto Centre service automatic and manual transmission vehicles for clients from the areas of Winter Park and Orlando, FL. Our goal is simple: to keep your car in the best condition possible for its lifetime at the lowest cost in the area. If you are experiencing any issues with gear shifting in your automatic transmission, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment. Transmission problems cannot only be costly, but dangerous; we aim to locate the source of the problem quickly and effectively to save you money and to keep you safe on the road. Offering a 3-year warranty on all our work, we make it our priority to earn our clients’ trust by emphasizing our integrity in the services we provide. Please feel free to schedule an appointment for an inspection on our website, or contact us directly; we look forward to solving your transmission dilemma soon.