Why BMW Cars Need 91+ Octane Fuel?

Caring for any car is a chore in and of itself; it requires ongoing maintenance, scheduled services, replacement parts, and even the unforeseen problems with functioning as time passes. Along with all of the routine care procedures that must occur throughout the years, cars also have ongoing daily needs. For BMWs, it is especially important to provide the proper type of gasoline, or fuel, for such a high-performance car.

BMW cars require 91+ octane fuel, also referred to as “premium” gasoline. Many drivers aren’t aware of the differences between regular and premium types of fuel and why they’re important to know about. In this article, we will discuss why it’s important to provide your BMW with the right type of fuel and what some other considerations are that you must make in order to provide your BMW with all it needs.

Premium Fuel: A Controversial Topic

Many car enthusiasts, and even BMW drivers, will speak their mind about why premium fuels are really just a “waste of cash;” however, it’s important to stay informed and make your own choices on what’s best for your BMW. Using premium fuel is “controversial” to some because many believe it’s simply a marketing ploy devised by the auto and fuel industries. It is critical to consider, however, that your BMW is indeed a high-performance vehicle with concrete engine needs that differ from the regular, everyday vehicle.

Using Lower-Grade Fuels

Just as with any other choice in life, your decision to use lower-grade fuels for your BMW will come with certain consequences, as well as benefits. Many BMW drivers opt for using lower-grade fuels for their cars simply because they’re cheaper. While it’s true that using lower-grade gas can save you money in fuel expenses over time, it’s important to keep in mind that using the improper type of fuel can take a toll on your engine and vehicle performance.

Why BMW Engines Are Different

BMW engines are unique from other cars in the industry; they are built and designed with higher performance standards in mind. BMWs are equipped with high-compression engines, which function very differently than the average engine, and as a byproduct they create an excessive amount of heat – this temperature difference alone can be helped by premium, 91+ octane fuels, better regulating the high-compression engine heat production. Using the right type of fuel is partly what keeps your BMW functioning properly, meeting those high expectations that BMW enthusiasts crave.

Benefits of Premium Fuel

As a BMW driver, keep in mind that fuel costs aren’t stagnant; they increase and decrease all the time depending on many different factors, including supply and demand. Though the slight increase in cost for premium fuel has some drivers opting for regular gas, it’s important to keep in mind that BMWs are high-end vehicles that often require higher quality care standards. When you’re struggling to select premium gas at the pump, here’s what you should keep in mind:

Premium fuel can actually increase your fuel efficiency overall

The high-compression engine is designed to process higher octane fuels, which in turn actually makes its fuel use more effective.

You’ll get the most out of your BMW

Higher octane fuels reduce the likelihood of performance issues, extend the vehicle’s life, and keep it performing within the standards produced by the manufacturer.

Premium fuel cleans your engine

Did you know that 91+ octane fuels have cleaning agents built into them to prevent carbon buildup? This is an important one to remember – your gas can extend the life of your engine!

Final Thoughts on 91+ Octane Fuels

As we mentioned before, using the proper type of fuel for your BMW is essential. However, ultimately it is up to you on how you’d like to spend your money. Next time you’re at the pump, here are a few lasting ideas to remember:

  • Premium fuel can extend the life of your BMW
  • Premium fuel can increase and maintain your vehicle’s performance
  • Premium fuel can help prevent problems associated with carbon buildup
  • Premium fuel can reduce the likelihood of running into performance-related issues and premature replacements or servicing

How Else to Maintain Your BMW

In order to properly maintain your BMW, it’s important to know what you can do daily to keep it functioning optimally. You can find these tips and suggestions in your owner’s manual. It is also important to find a BMW specialist nearby to attend to your servicing and maintenance needs. Expertly servicing German autos like BMWs in the Winter Park and Orlando, FL, areas, the BMW specialists here at Green Garage can offer their extensive knowledge of BMW care. For further questions about your BMW’s service needs, please call one of our helpful professionals directly.